Logos and Branding

Your logo, essentially, is your identity. It gives a glimpse into how professional your services are and the quality of work your clients will receive. Your logo also is the way to stand apart and be recognized in your crowded, competitive field. A well-designed logo can instill trust with your future customers. 

So why just use good old-fashioned clipart? Sure, I suppose you could. But you have to consider: how many people, before and after you, will find that same piece of clipart and use it for whatever they need? Just in that one question, you've lost your chance to be unique.

Your logo doesn't always need to fancy. In some cases, it could be a simple as your company name with some nice typography and color. But the key is how professional it looks.

B. Quackie Studios can create the perfect combination of logo, fonts and colors to represent just how unique you business is.

Branding Services

  • Create a color pallet
  • Create a logo from scratch
  • Logo redesign