About Me

Talk to the hand.

OK, I got a confession to make.

B. Quackie Studios is a real company, but it's just me; I run the whole show. I guess you can even say that B. Quackie Studios is the name that I freelance under.

The concept of taking a blank screen and turning it into some that, potentially, the whole world can see and use, it's an awesome thought. Design is what moves me; you can always put a piece of your personality in everything you do.

"Why would I hire one person to do my design work?" you ask. Fair question. Graphic and web design has been apart of me for the past 12 years. I can communicate with you on a more one-on-one level. It can be intimidating talking to a large design firm, especially when you may not know where to start. With just me to talk to, communications are more direct, and most importantly, you stay in the design process, not just consulted on occasion about your own project.

I understand that it can be hard to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, and when you can't do that, or the person you're talking to isn't listening, you end up with a product that might be close, but not quite what you want.

I don't believe that I am the gate keeper to all things creative just because I have a Mac, or happen to know the Adobe software better than some. You know your vision better than anyone; my job is to use my skills, resources and experience to produce what you want. Along the way, yes, I'm going to advise you that a purple and red blinking ad on your home page is not the best idea. But in the end, if that's your vision, then it's your vision, and I will respect that.

If I can be of any service to you, please ask. Thanks for watching.

Richard Taylor