About Us

B. Quackie Studios is a critical-thinking design company specializing in creating strong websites, illustrations and logos.

Let's say you have a business, and you want a logo, business cards and a website...and have no idea where to start. We can help. We love working with businesses, or individuals, that want a high-quality website, logo, graphic or all of the above.

The most important key in getting the results that you want is collaboration. As designers, we don't take the "father knows best" attitude with our clients. We listen to all of our your needs and requests, advise you on the best strategies and execute a plan to get your project finished on time and on budget.

We're also in the rehab business, so to speak. Maybe you have a website or a logo that needs to be updated. The person who did the last version is long gone. Hit us up. We'll help give the logo or website the modern look it needs.

For the past seven years, B. Quackie Studios has helped organizations–nonprofit, churches, retailers, government–from around the country with their digital needs. We would love to help you with yours. Contact us any time to see how we can be of service.